At TKOR Solutions, we pride ourselves on having the highest standard of environmentally sound remediation techniques, quality work and customer satisfaction. Our techniques utilize a contemporary technological ingenuity powered by state of the art remediation equipment as well as the employment of more traditional techniques that remain approved by the standards of the IICRC, New York State Department of Labor and all other relevant remediation authorities.

The TKOR Standard guarantees the highest quality services, cleanliness, discretion, ethics and professionalism. 

TKOR Solutions is a fully licensed, insured and bonded remediation business. As an active member of the community, we at TKOR Solutions vow to provide the highest quality service in full accordance with all relevant state, federal and local policies and guidelines. 

 We at TKOR Solutions have remained a trusted leader in the remediation industry. Our ethical approach to environmentally sensitive projects and success in projects of extreme complexity rank us among the best in the remediation business. 

Whether handling a small residential project or a large scale industrial remediation, we at TKOR Solutions guarantee pristine services in accordance with the TKOR Standard. The TKOR Standard remains the foundation of our continued success and customer satisfaction.

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